How would you like to show all IT related stock from over 50 distributors in the UK on your website?

Would you be able to virtually look like you have more stock than your competitors?

With our catalogue you can achieve just this!

The catalogue is an embedded engine that sits on the front page of the resellers' site so end users may search for products more efficiently and easily. The feeds that go into the engine can be from a list of over 50 distributors or a selection of your choice. The main benefits are that the reseller will receive more exposure on available products from distributors in the UK channel. This will be like a virtual stock warehousing solution.

Main benefits:

  • The engine can be completely bespoke to your company logos and style templates.
  • The engine is compiled of a simple implementation which our experienced developers maintain and host for you fully.
  • This will create more awareness and exposure of your company to the end users.
  • We can give you market intelligence reports to show how many hits you are receiving on the engine.
  • The whole concept will effectively sex up your site and bring more orders to your business.
  • More stock exposure (Virtually).
  • Excellent value add for your business.
  • Simple and easy to maintain as it is outsourced to IT Dealer.
  • Bespoke options are also available.
  • 9am to 6pm support Monday to Friday.

embedded engine

For more information and a cost effective quotation on the best virtual stock locating solution please Contact us.

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