So you want to increase sales through your online commerce?

So you want a beautiful, contemporary and professional in the design Ecommerce website?

With My ITD-Webstore you get the following great features:

  • Powered by Joomla, an award-winning content management system which powers millions of websites worldwide.
  • High quality, fast loading, easy-to-use templates.
  • All secure hosting.
  • Tools to analyse the activity and sales of your customers and track the variables that are critical to understanding the needs of the customer.
  • Easy to use technology.
  • No special skill or knowledge is required.
  • Increase online sales.

Web site creation is done through a series of step-by-step forms that quickly and intuitively lead the user through the process of creating their own, unique web site and it's as simple as that!!

Some of our unique features include:

  • Multiple Option Pricing and Display.
  • Product Linking.
  • Customized Tax and Shipping Options.
  • Real Time Shipping Rates.
  • Automatic Image Import.
  • Manage Online Inventory.
  • And many more...

Merchants can quickly enable their site to accept orders and payments online:

  • Control all aspects of your online payment system.
  • Access to their comprehensive online payment system.
  • Access to their comprehensive reports on sales activity.
  • Receive detailed information about their customers' shopping and buying patterns.
  • Download and manage customers and their order records.

We give you an All Inclusive service which includes Hosting, secure servers, store builder, shopping cart and more, providing you with everything necessary to succeed as an online business.

My ITD-Webstore is a fully integrated "do it yourself" instant e-commerce platform consisting of:

  • Web site creation tools.
  • Online shopping cart features.
  • Online payment processing.

My-Webstore's customers are typically small to medium sized businesses that need a cost effective method of selling their products or services on the Internet.

If you have a desire to see a demo or switch to the most exciting e-commerce platform in the market, please call us on the details below.

Contact the IT Dealer Team now to request a demo or quote!

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