Make your sales force and marketing departments smarter with market intelligence

All too often marketers and sales professionals are hung up on internal issues and situations. Administration, training on new competences and products, increasing service expertise, testing programs and studying impact, analyzing sales data and transaction activities, chasing supply, resolving warehouse issues, we could go on and on forever.

I am sure you can notice a trend here.

So, market intelligence - what is it?

  • What do we actually know about our market?
  • What do we want to know about our known competitors?
  • What do we know when we actually don’t?

When market intelligence is brought to action, it will reduce overhead and focus your marketing and sales efforts on front line issues which can increase profits and brand awareness. This will also provide marketing opportunities for promotion and will help strengthen priorities which will lead to a much greater call to action in the field.

Never underestimate the motivational impact of professional intelligence which can be easily digested and transformed into actionable sales goals and marketing target developments. Your sales force and marketing staff will be thrilled with excitement if opportunities become transparent on a constant basis.

IT Dealer’s real-time business data solutions enables users to capture, transform and see data in real-time situation. The data can be cleansed, summarized and enhanced while consolidating it into an operational data store or directly into inbox as an Excel spreadsheet.

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